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Nice1 Agency, marketing sportowy, wizerunek, reputacja, influencer marketing, PR
Nice1 Agency, marketing sportowy, wizerunek, reputacja, influencer marketing, PR

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We are a dynamic, well-knit and dedicated team who always gives 100%. We specialize in developing and coordinating image and communication strategies, and thanks to our strong penchant for sports, we always plan for success. Through cooperating with personal brands as well as with local and international labels, we create a synergy that enables everyone to win.

We have rich experience co-organizing not only large sporting events but also social and ecological projects with the participation of international and local institutions, sponsors, and partners.

Our team was honed and fine-tuned while serving the participants of the most challenging off-road rallies of the FIA World Cup and the Dakar Rally. Those experiences have made us long-distance runners, „the Dakarians”/Dakar experts” which means we are patient, resilient, and ready to take on the toughest challenges. We believe we possess the sixth sense in communication strategies and activities. We can swiftly react and adapt to any changing circumstances.

We know how to create original content and build inspiring images of our clients. Years of experience and accumulating knowledge allow us to select appropriate tools and methods, but above all, it gives us the certainty that we can rise to any challenge.


We are a dynamic sports PR and influencer marketing company. We help sports brands to carry out original and unconventional projects and find perfect ambassadors who fit seamlessly with the company's DNA. We assist athletes in developing strong personal brands and forming partnerships essential for success.

Nice1 Agency, marketing sportowy, wizerunek, reputacja, influencer marketing, PR


We know how to effectively create personal and brand images in the media and public space.

Nice1 Agency, marketing sportowy, wizerunek, reputacja, influencer marketing, PR

Sport Marketing

We believe that sport provides the best link between the brand and the customer because it brings in emotions. We know how to put this connection into practice, taking into account the needs of sponsors, athletes, and sports fans.

Nice1 Agency, content, marketing sportowy, wizerunek, reputacja, influencer marketing, PR


We specialize in creating text, photo and video materials, but also in implementing non-standard formats in our campaigns. A thorough analysis always precedes any of our brainstorms.

Nice1 Agency, social media, marketing sportowy, wizerunek, reputacja, influencer marketing, PR

Social Media

We surf social media like one surfs dunes. We know what to do, and we have a blast doing it.

Nice1 Agency, influencer marketing, marketing sportowy, wizerunek, reputacja, PR

Influencer marketing

We have rich experience in matching ambassadors and brands, selecting them from the world of sports,  culture, and among the leading internet personalities.

influencer marketing, eventy, marketing sportowy, wizerunek, reputacja, influencer marketing, PR


We organize small business events as well as large-scale initiatives with thousands of volunteers. The scale is irrelevant, but the foundation is always an unforgettable atmosphere and flawless logistics.


We like to reach over the horizon. We can take you along!

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For the last several years, we have excelled in creating and implementing the image strategy for Rafał Sonik. We were responsible for his presence in traditional and social media, motivational speeches, participation in prestigious conferences and events, and commercial campaigns for leading brands. We ran comprehensive operations, from planning to implementing, including the creation of powerful and extraordinary content.


We co-created social, ecological, and commercial initiatives. We cooperated with our partners at the stages of planning and creating concepts, content, and photo-video materials. We supervised the implementation of campaigns in the urban space as well as in the striking landscape of the Tatras, the Alps, and even the desert of the United Arab Emirates.

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Managing the communication around Rafał Sonik’s participation in rallies all over the world, we became aware of the need to break through the traditional way of sports reporting. As a result, we invited well-known and popular internet influencers. This cross-promotion helped us to reach new target groups and attract their attention with exclusive and unconventional content.


The „Clean Tatras” project is the biggest environmental initiative of this kind in Poland, and we have organized it for the last ten years.  We are responsible for the whole package: collaboration with public agents, obtaining sponsors, partners, and ambassadors, encouraging volunteers to participate in cleaning the Tatra trails, and sharing the progress of the event in traditional and digital media.

We extensively collaborate with sports celebrities. In 2019, „Clean Tatras” received the „Srebrny Spinacz” („Silver Clip”) award in the „Social Event of the Year” category and the prestigious „Partnership for Sustainability Award” from United Nations Global Compact Ukraine. The organization of the most recent, 9th edition in 2020 proved to be a success despite pandemic restrictions.

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Nice1 Agency, Rafał Sonik, marketing sportowy, wizerunek, reputacja, influencer marketing, PR


Racing driver, entrepreneur, Dakar Rally winner

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Racing driver

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